Technical Gear Chart

The following table shows gear required for NAUI Intro To Tech and NAUI Technical Decompression Diver, and shows gear available for rent at Pro Scuba Dive Center (PSDC).

NAUI Technical Decompression Diver is available for diver progression after NAU Intro To Tech. Gear requirements are shown below.

For detailed descriptions see the Technical Gear (Intro To Tech) post.

ItemIntro To TechTechnical Decompression DiverPSDC Rental
Double cylindersRequiredRequiredYes
Longhose regulatorsRequiredRequiredYes
Necklace regulatorsRequiredRequiredYes
Timer, depth gauge or computerRequiredRequired
Redundant computerRecommended
Cutting deviceRequiredRequired
Primary light on hard goodman handleRecommendedRequired
Backup lightsRecommended
Spool and DSMBRequiredRecommended
Primary reel and liftbagRequired
Secondary reel and liftbagRequired
Oxygen stage cylinder with labels gauge and regulatorRequired
Straight finsRequiredRequired