NAUI Intro To Tech with H-valves

The NAUI Intro To Tech course (Introduction to Technical Diving) is a skills and equipment focused course.

The skills that divers learn are invaluable to all diving, not just technical diving, but are necessary for progression into overhead and decompression environments where precision finning and buoyancy control are essential. Divers learn propulsion techniques with efficient finning, how to kick backwards, and turn in place.

Divers also learn the standard streamlined equipment configuration used in technical diving, and the importance of consistency and redundancy. The NAUI Technical Equipment Configuration (NTEC) is built from the ground up so that large equipment and equipment-dependent skill changes are not necessary are the diver progresses through technical diving.

All of the skills learned in NAUI Intro To Tech will serve a diver well in all aspects of diving even if they do not progress to further technical diving.

An H-valve is a special valve connected to a cylinder to allow two independent first-stage regulators to be connected, mimicking the redundancy of a double-cylinder configuration.

Many divers would like to learn the skills from a NAUI Intro to Tech course, but do not want to progress to using a double-cylinder configuration with a necessary drysuit. When using a single-cylinder with a H-valve, the diver can continue to use a wetsuit and learn all of the diving and most of the equipment skills.

NTEC ConfigurationDouble cylinders - steelDouble cylinders - aluminiumSingle cylinder
ValvesManifold doublesManifold doublesH-valve
Exposure suitDrysuit onlyDrysuit or wetsuitDrysuit or wetsuit

Other required equipment in the NTEC configuration for NAUI Intro To Tech is described in this post. Pro Scuba Dive Center has technical gear available to rent.

An assembled NTEC rig with a single cylinder and H-valve.

If you are interested in taking a NAUI Intro To Tech course please contact or Pro Scuba Dive Center.