Diving First Aid for Professional Divers at Pro Scuba Dive Center

The NAUI Diving First Aid for Professional Divers (DFA Pro) course is the most comprehensive First Aid course offered by NAUI, and is suitable for a US Coast Guard Captains License, professional and scientific divers and instructors, or divers wanting the highest level of instruction. The source is taught using Divers Alert Network (DAN) materials. A comparison of courses can be found here.

Upon completion of the course students will receive a physical and digital certification card via the NAUI Mobile app, valid for 2 years.

Course Materials

The course is conducted in two parts. Students must purchase a NAUI DFA Pro Student Kit from Pro Scuba Dive Center. Store hours are posted as this link.

The kit includes:

  • an eLearning course code
  • high quality gloves
  • an oxygen non-rebreather mask
  • an oronasal resuscitation mask
  • training slates for each module
  • certification card

Students will be able to practice First Aid techniques with their own equipment from the kits, and keep them for their own first aid kits.

Course Structure

Course material is taught online (eLearning) in modules where the student will complete quizzes to test their understanding. Please see links below to sign up for and use the NAUI CORE online teaching platform. A textbook (Student Handbook) and list of Review Questions can be downloaded in the first few sections of the eLearning.

In the second phase of the course, students meets for an in person session to practice and perform the practical skills. Students must complete the eLearning component in its entirety prior to attending the skills development and assessment sessions. Students will receive their full Student Kit at the practical session. Students should bring their completed Review Questions to class. All additional equipment and training aids are supplied by Pro Scuba Dive Center. Please bring any snacks, water and note taking materials that you feel you will need, or any questions you have from the eLearning portion.

After completing the skills development session, students will take an in person exam and must obtain a passing grade of 80 % or higher.

The course is very comprehensive. Students should budget at least 8 hours of home study for online eLearning and student workbooks.


There are no prerequisites for the DFA Pro course, and students are not required to have a scuba diving certification.

Course Content

The course will include material covering:

  • First Aid (FA)
  • Professional CPR, including 2 person on adult, child and infant
  • Hazardous Marine Life Injuries (HMLI)
  • Neurological Assessment (NEURO)
  • Oxygen Administration (O2)


Please review the textbook and/or online eLearning materials before the classroom sessions so that the time can be used for more in-depth discussion.
Saturday8/21/20219:00 AM -- 12:00 PMFirst Aid - Session 1Pro Scuba Dive Center
1:30 AM -- 4:30 PMFirst Aid - Session 2Pro Scuba Dive Center
Sunday8/22/20219:00 PM -- 12:00 PMFirst Aid - Session 3Pro Scuba Dive Center
1:30 AM -- 4:30 PMFirst Aid - ExamPro Scuba Dive Center

Course Requirements

The scuba training information page details requirements for all scuba courses, including signing up for eLearning on the NAUI CORE platform.

NAUI Rescue Scuba Diver

The NAUI Rescue Scuba Diver course requires current certification in First Aid and CPR. The DFA Pro course meets these requirements. A Rescue Scuba Diver course can be taken before or in conjunction with a suitable First Aid and CPR class, but Rescue certification cannot be issued until the First Aid and CPR requirements are met. If you are interested in another course or have questions then please contact your instructor.