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Mastering NAUI Skin Ditch and Recovery

ScubaGuru Academy: Mastering Skin Diving Ditch & Recovery

One of the hardest skills in the NAUI curriculum for dive leaders is the Skin Diving Ditch and Recovery, traditionally taught at the Master Scuba Diver level, as well as Divemaster and Instructor candidates.

The Skin Ditch and Recovery is a commonly required skill where the diver descends to put their mask and fins on the bottom of the pool, surface, then descend to retrieve both and surface with a clear mask and snorkel.

Tec Clark of has prepared a mini course on mastering of this skill, breaking down each step of the skill so that the diver can achieve Demonstration Quality in their performance.

Tec brings the full weight of his formidable teaching experience to bear in the production of this course, having had a number of prestigious positions as an accomplished scuba instructor and world class freediver.

I recommend this course as worth the cost to any student or Instructor wishing to improve their performance, especially NAUI professionals.

The course is available by clicking on the following link to ScubaGuru Academy: Mastering Skin Diving Ditch and Recovery online course.