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Scuba Squad Club Boat Dive

Please see the below information for the Scuba Squad club boat dive. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pro Scuba Dive Center or the dive leader at any time.

DateSaturday Feb 23, 2019.
TimeArrive at 7:15 AM for 8:00 AM departure. Boat returns by 1:00 PM.
LocationK-Dock, Monterey (Directions: Figueroa St and Del Monte Ave, Monterey, CA 93940), GPS
Dive BoatEscapade
Dive LeaderDan Kelly, (408) 466-5714
Scuba Squad, Pro Scuba Dive Center(831) 431-6824 (10 AM to 6PM)

Dive boat facilities

  • Bathroom (marine head)
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Up to 2 boat dives
  • Cylinders and weights are not provided

Packing list

  • Diving certification card
  • Scuba Squad club dive waiver
  • Dive boat waiver
  • All diving gear in a single diving gear bag
  • 2 full cylinders (air or nitrox)
  • Dive weights
  • Cash or credit card for parking (up to $10)
  • Cash for tips (recommended $10)
  • Seasickness medication, if desired
  • Towel and dry bag
  • Depth Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB) or surface safety sausage (recommended)


  1. Meet at K-Dock, Monterey, at 7:15 AM to allow time to secure a parking pass, use bathrooms, etc. There is a bathroom at the Harbor Master building.
  2. Give your dive shop liability release form to the dive leader if you have not already completed one for Pro Scuba Dive Center/Scuba Squad.
  3. Assemble and test your gear, including regulators, dive weights, etc.
  4. When the dive boat arrives change into your wetsuit and put on a warm jacket.
  5. Load your gear onto the boat with your buddy so that you can secure a position next to each other. All of you cylinders, assembled with your BC and regulators should be in the same location. The boat crew will direct and assist you with gear.
  6. Limit your other diving gear to one dive bag, and stow it under your seat where your cylinders and BC are located. Keep your computer, fins, mask, dive knife, etc secured in your bag as neatly stowed so that it not a tripping hazard.
  7. Secure the cylinders and BC in their station so that the are not loose when the boat is underway.
  8. Sign in with the boat crew by presenting your certification card and dive boat waiver.
  9. The boat crew will give you a safety briefing before departure and dive site briefings at the sites before each dive. Please cease all activity and listen to all of the briefings.
  10. A crew tip jar will be available after the dives, cash only please.

Diving Information

  1. If you are prone to motion sickness it is recommended that you take medication the night before and as soon as you wake up the morning of diving. Preventative motions sickness medications need hours to be effective, so do not delay taking them until you are at the boat dock. Common medications are over the counter Bonine and Dramamine.
  2. Stay hydrated before and during diving activities.
  3. Pay attention to your depth and time and compass navigation while diving.
  4. Boat crew provides safety divers but not dive guides, so all dive teams of 2 or 3 divers are responsible for conducting their own dives. Divers should begin and end each dive at the anchor line. It is recommended that if you ascend off the anchor line that you mark your location with a surface marker buoy if you have one.
  5. Boat crew will brief you on the water entry and exit procedures, and assist you into and out of the water. Please follow their instructions.
  6. All divers are responsible for their own dive profiles, and managing their own nitrogen exposure and surface interval between dives, and must be familiar with their own dive computers, gauges and/or dive tables.
  7. Decompression diving is not allowed.

Cancellation Policy

Bookings and cancellations are handled by Pro Scuba Dive Center. Generally a reservation is held when full payment is made, and is non-refundable unless a substitute diver is confirmed to fill the spot. Please contact Pro Scuba Dive Center with any questions.

Rental Equipment

Rental equipment is available from Pro Scuba Dive Center, and should be reserved as early as convenient. All divers are responsible for their own arrangements to rent, transport and return gear. Due to the early boat departure many dive shops are not open, so gear must be collected the day before.

Liability Release Forms

If you have not already completed a waiver for Scuba Squad (Pro Scuba Dive Center) and the dive boat, you can print them below and bring them to the event to save time.

Scuba Squad (Pro Scuba Dive Center) Waiver

Dive Boat Waiver

Please complete the liability release form corresponding to the assigned Monterey Bay dive boat. You can extend the duration of the liability release by writing “ALL YEAR 20xx” prominently at the top of the release form, with the current year.