Catalina Island and Channel Islands – September 2019


Joins Scuba Squad for three days of liveaboard diving on the Peace Dive boat in southern California.

This page will be updated with the latest trip information as it becomes available.

WhenThurs. Sept 5th 2019 -- Sat. Sept 7th 2019
WhereLiving aboard the Peace dive boat, around Catalina Island and the Channel Islands of southern Californnia.
CostApprox $565, see Pro Scuba Dive Center for pricing information
EmbarkUPDATE: Dock E, Spinnaker Drive, E Dock, Ventura, CA 93001
Welcome AboardWed. Sept 4th after 8:00 PM, board by 11:00 PM
DepartureWed. Sept 4th, 11:59 PM
ReturnSat. Sept 7th in early afternoon


All divers must be Scuba Diver/Open Water certified.
Nitrox is optional, and available only to nitrox certified divers with proof of certification.
All divers participating in night dives must be Advanced Scuba Diver/Advanced Open Water certified, or participating in an Advanced class, and have flashlights and cylinder lights.
Divers are responsible for planning, executing and tracking their own repetitive dives using tables or dive computers.
All dives must be conducted in pairs or  groups of 3, divers are responsible for organizing their own dive teams.

Trip Information

  • All meals included
  • Vegetarians should let dive leaders know by Sun Aug 6th
  • BYO alcohol and ice cooler
  • Jacuzzi on board
  • Boat diving etiquette
  • No decompression diving
  • No solo diving
  • Night dives available
  • Double tank configuration is permissible
  • No decompression diving
  • No diving for the rest of the day after alcohol consumption
  • Dive are not guided dives, all dive teams are responsible for their own dives based on the crews briefing at each site.
  • For directions see the table below.


  • Each diver must bring one filled cylinder.
  • Rental cylinders are not available from Pro Scuba Dive Center.
  • Rental cylinders are available from Ventura Dive & Sport, a short walk or drive from Peace Dive Boat Dock.
    • Steel 77 ft3 or Aluminum 80 ft3
    • UPDATE: $44 for 3 days.
    • Optional: $10 fee to have cylinder delivered to the dock, otherwise collect it before closing time at 6 PM. Peace dive boat will not be available to board until 8 PM.
    • Optional: $10 fee to have the cylinder collected from the dock, or drop it directly to the shop after the boat returns Saturday afternoon.
    • UPDATE: Ventura Dive and Sport does not rent nitrox cylinders, however their air cylinders can be filled with nitrox aboard Peace Dive Boat.
    • Ventura Dive and Sport is a 10 minute walk from the boarding location.
    • Email Ventura Dive & Sport two-sided copy of certification card for delivery or rental.


You can reserve your spot by contacting Pro Scuba Dive Center to pay your deposit. Please indicate your:

Contact Information and Directions

Click the addresses below for Google Maps.

Booking and CancellationsCheryl Babineau+1 (831) 431-6824info@proscubadivecenter.com4637 A Scotts Valley Dr, Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Dive LeaderDan Kelly+1 (408)
Dive BoatPeace Dive Boat+1 (805) 650-3483Please direct questions to Pro Scuba Dive Center.1691 Spinnaker Drive, G Dock, Ventura, CA 93001
Cylinder and Weight RentalsVentura Sport & Dive +1 (805) 650-6500VDSstaff@VenturaDive.com1559 Spinnaker Dr, Ventura, CA 93001


All divers▢ Scuba Certification card▢ Flashlight(s)
One filled cylinderDAN Insurance Information (optional)
▢ Completed Pro Scuba Dive Center Waiver▢ Completed Peace Dive Boat Waiver
All dive gear and weight for 70+ F water▢ Additional pillow or sleeping gear
▢ Sun protection▢ Clothing, shower gear
▢ Cash for tips (recommended 10--15 % of trip cost)▢ Cash for water taxi for optional shore trip to Avalon
▢ Motion sickness medication (optional)
Night divers▢ Tank light and flashlights (required)▢ Proof of Advanced Scuba Diver or above
Nitrox divers▢ Nitrox certification card▢ Nitrox analyzer (recommended)
▢ Cash or check for nitrox fills
Hunters▢ Licenses▢ Ice chest
▢ Hunting equipment
Photographers▢ Chargers▢ Spare memory cards


How many dives?
The number of dives is dependent on the weather conditions and is at the sole discretion of the boat captain. The trip will include up to 5 dives on Thursday and Friday, and up to 2 dives on Saturday morning before returning to port. The trip will aim to include one night dive, and one night of shore leave at Avalon, Catalina Island, or a second night dive — all weather permitting.

Are there any non-diving activities?
Most time will be spent aboard Peace at sea, so activities are limited to what is on the boat. There is a jacuzzi aboard for patrons use. Divers will likely have one night shore leave at Avalon, but must commute via water taxi from Peace, and they only accept cash.

Is there night diving?
Yes, divers will have the opportunity to do night dives. All night divers must be certified as Advanced Scuba Divers or above (or a night diving speciality), and have conducted a night dive outside of a class. Proof of certification at Advanced or above is required. Use of flashlights is required on a night dive. Spare batteries are recommended.

Can I take a diving class on board?
Yes, continuing education courses can be completed on board, please contact the dive leaders or Pro Scuba Dive Center to organize a class. Advanced Scuba Diver can be started at Pro Scuba Dive Center with most experience dives completed with an Instructor on board. Enriched Air Nitrox Diver can be taken in a classroom with the experience dives on board Peace.

UPDATE: A special Advanced Scuba Diver and Enriched Air Nitrox class will be conducted aboard the Peace Dive Boat. Students will need to purchase all material and complete home study before the trip.

See the course description and class calendar. Contact Pro Scuba Dive Center to enroll, and register ahead of time to get the study materials.

Is nitrox available?
Yes, EAN32 is available on board. Divers must bring a nitrox compatible cylinder as all fills are done on board. There is an additional cost for nitrox per fill, or a fixed rate for the entire trip. All divers must have a filled cylinder for the first dive. The cost of nitrox is paid in cash directly to the boat operators on board after the final dives.

UPDATE: Cost is $75 for nitrox fills for all 3 days.

Does Peace Dive Boat accommodate vegetarians or vegans?
Yes, vegetarians and vegans meal options are available. Please let the dive leaders know well in advance to that the crew can make appropriate purchasing decisons when stocking the boat. Clients with niche requirements are recommended to bring some of their own food to supplement the provided fare.

Is tipping customary?
Yes, the boat crew derives part of their income from the generosity of client tips. A tip jar will be available at the end of the trip when returning to port in Ventura. Is is recommended that divers carry cash for a 10–15 % gratuity (approx $56–85).

Is hunting and game collection allowed?
Yes, hunting is allowed, however the burden is on the diver to provide all necessary equipment and operate within California law. Divers must have current licenses from Department of Fish and Wildlife, operate within bag and size limits, provide their own ice chest for storage of collections and dive prudently and safely.

What are the sleeping amenities?
Sleeping quarters are below decks in single or double bunks, each provided with one pillow and blanket. It is recommended that all divers bring their own pillow and sleeping bag for additional comfort. Please confirm your bunk preferences with Pro Scuba Dive Center (not Peace Dive Boat) when booking the trip. Allocations are made on a “first come, first served” basis, or you will be allocated one. You can view the berthing layout online.

Parking and transport
Divers are encouraged to ride-share to the dock. Upon arrival you can park close to the ramp to unload and stow gear aboard Peace. You will be able to collect a parking pass aboard and check the map of permitted parking areas so that you can move your car and display the permit on the dash. Parking is done at clients own risk.

What is the Cancellation Policy?
Please refer to Pro Scuba Dive Center for the cancellation policy. Generally all monies paid are non-refundable except when a replacement diver can be found to fill a spot in the event of a cancellation. If you are unable to attend after paying in full or a deposit, please contact Pro Scuba Dive Center to advertise your spot.

Is dive or travel insurance required?
No, insurance is not required for this trip, however medical insurance or travel insurance from Divers Alert Network (DAN) is recommended. Medical insurance will supplement your primary health insurance for medical costs, and travel insurance will cover the loss of expense for trip cancellations, missed flights, etc. If you take more than one dive trip in a year, annual travel insurance is typically cost effective.