Activate an Online NAUI Course with NAUI CORE

Note: once you activate a NAUI eLearning program is is non-refundable. Please ensure that you meet all requirements for participation in the class, including medical questionnaire below.

  1. Go to and login, or create a new account.
  2. Review the Divers Medical Questionnaire on the NAUI Medical Statement form, page 1 only, before you activate your course. If you answer “Yes” to any questions that require a physicians approval, then please contact your Instructor or Dive Center before going any further. You cannot get a refund after the course is activated.
  3. Click on My Courses in the navigation menu
  4. Click on Activate a NAUI Education System (NES)
  5. Enter your course Activation Code in the Activation Code textbox, then click Find. If you have entered a valid code, you should see the name of the course and the Activate This NAUI Education System button.
  6. Register your course with a NAUI Dive Center and the course Instructor. If you do not register correctly with the Dive Center your enrollment will not be complete, and you will not appear in the class participants.Check the box I am taking this class at a NAUI Dive Center and enter the NAUI Dive Center Number.
    NAUI Dive CenterNAUI Number
    Pro Scuba Dive CenterCAP01565

    If you know the Instructor assigned to your class then check I am being taught by a NAUI Dive Professional and enter their NAUI Member Number. If you are unsure of the Instructor for you class, then leave it blank and enter the NAUI Dive Center number only.

    NAUI MemberNAUI Member Number
    Daniel Kelly56824
    Alison Kelly56831
    Dave Babineau47372
    Cheryl Babineau49385
    Clare Dominik18806
    Bill Shepherd56927
    Jeffrey Compton60503
  7. You can now navigate to your course eLearning at any time by logging into, selecting the My Courses navigation panel, and clicking on Start eLearning.
  8. Upload a suitable photo of yourself to your account so that it can be printed on your certification card. Click on Manage Profile and then the large square under your name. After uploading, press the Edit button (pencil icon) to appropriately crop and zoom the image. The final photo should be framed around your face like a license or passport photo.