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The Monterey Bay swell model is a good predictor of present and future dive conditions. The lower the swell, the better the conditions in general. This is indicated by a color chart (blue is better).

Dive Insurance

Divers Alert Network (DAN) provide a critical role as supplemental insurance providers, in addition to your primary health insurance. In addition to the highly recommended insurance they provide many services including medical advice and training. Every diver should have DAN (or equivalent) insurance. If you are not convinced, talk to me or Pro Scuba Dive Center.


The Epic Scuba Adventures Facebook page contains some interesting videos and articles.

If you are a former or current student please consider leaving a review!

Pro Scuba Dive Center – Scuba Squad Dive Club

The Scuba Squad is our free dive club that organizes dive meet ups and gets advanced notice of gear sales. The group is very beginner friendly, it’s a great way to find new dive buddies and dive sites.

Dive Sites

If you don’t want to find dive buddies through the club and would prefer to venture out yourself, the book A Divers Guide to Monterey County, California┬áby Bruce Watkins is available at Pro Scuba Dive Center. Many sites are described with maps to show parking and the entry point. Boat diving sites are included too.

Dive Travel and Classes

Pro Scuba Dive Center organizes some affordable dive trips by being able to purchase in bulk, ranging from all-inclusive unlimited dive adventures abroad, to weekend trips, to southern California ship wrecks.

See the news and classes sections of the Pro Scuba Dive Center website.


California Diver and Scuba Diver Life have some interesting articles. has huge online forums, with regional channels.